Full name: Jerome (last name probably Broadus)

Nickname(s): Uncle Jerome

Gender: Male

Occupation: Singer
Casio owner

Nephews: Snoop Dogg
Calvin Broadus
Jerry Broadus
Grandnephews: Corde Broadus
Cordelle Broadus
Julian Broadus
Grandnieces: Cori Broadus
In-laws: Shante Broadus (niece-in-law)
Others: Calvin Broadus (brother or brother-in-law)
Beverley Broadus (sister or sister-in-law)

Jerome is a character portrayed by Martin Lawrence. Jerome is a loudmouthed, aging, still well-funded, once flashy but now faded Detroit pimp. He runs a illict casino. He often speaks in rhyming sentences. Jerome doesn't appear in the fifth season as his final appearance was in the episode, "Uptown Friday Night" and his final lines were "and that's the enddd".

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