Regina Waters Payne
Title Gina Payne
Name Regina Waters Payne
Gender Female♀
Age 30's (latest age on show; current age possible 40's)
Occupation Businesswoman
Housewife (formerly)
Parents Dr. Cliff Waters (Father)
Nadine Water (Mother)
Other Family Louis (aunt)
Sarah (aunt)
Mama Payne (mother-in-law)
Father-in-law (unknonwn)
Mama Payne's other kids (brother(s) and/or sister(s)-in-law)
Junior (uncle-in-law)
Martin's aunt (aunt-in-law)
Sunny (couisn-in-law)
Monique (sorority sister)
Lovers Martin Payne (husband)
Keth Washington (ex-boyfriend)
Unnamed ex-boyfriends
Others Pam James (best friend),Tommy Strawn (friend),Cole Brown (friend)
Sheneneh Jenkins (Enemy),Mama Payne (Enemy)
First Appeared Beauty and the Beast
Last Appeared California, Here We Come
Portrayed by Tisha Campbell


Regina "Gina" Payne (née Waters) is silly, optimistic, occasionally misbehaved, forgiving, and eternally romantic. Gina works for a public -relations firm. Gina is disliked by Martin's mother and Sheneneh. People claim that Gina has a big head. Gina appears for a short time in season 5 due to a lawsuit.


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Gina sexy legs

Gina is a pretty woman with natural black hair,and is usually wearing dresses or work clothes and wears lipstick most of the time. Gina has exquisite thighs that is very beautiful and seductive that usually has Martin give in. Gina has slight muscle but she works out to have abs as well.


Gina has a serious yet funny personality but can also be quite competitive like when pam placed a bet if Martin and her can go without making love for two weeks which was a huge struggle for both of them but they both try to outwit each other with both feeling the desire, to they gave up and made love in the bedroom. Gina can be slightly self conscious like when people talk about her head or when she's upset and has a squeaky voice. There have been on many auctions were Gina can be slightly jealous when Martin is around women like when the boss bought his girl with him and Martin noticed her clevelage but Gina decided to get a full makeover to impress him but he said he only did that so that the boss wouldn't think bad of him she was sorry but was angry when he told the boss women she kinda still looks better.


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Gina abs