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Full name | Cole Brown
Gender | Male♂
Age | Late 20's - Early 30's
Occupation | Airplane cleaner
Parents | Mrs. Brown (Mother)
Friends | Martin (Best friend), Tommy (Best friend), Pam, Gina, Nippsy, Big Shirley
Lovers | Big Shirley (Girlfriend), Pam (Ex-Crush)
Enemies | None

Cole Brown Martin's other best friend. Dimwitted but well-meaning, and known for his eclectic taste in headgear, he proudly cleans jets at the airport for a living, drives an AMC Pacer, and lives with his mother Maddie (portrayed by comedienne Laura Hayes) until Season Five. For a time, Cole appeared to be attracted strictly to plus-sized women, and until the final season dated a security guard named "Big Shirley" (who is fully seen in only one episode; another episode only showed "her" below the neck to portray her as being much taller and bigger than Cole). In that final season, he moves into his own apartment in a rough neighborhood, and dates Shanise, who appears to be even more dimwitted than he is. During the series finale, he becomes engaged to Shanise. Notably, Cole is absent in several episodes in Season 3 without any explanation.

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